Spring in HARTUNG with new wheels!

Specially for clients, who appreciate cost-effectiveness and quality, HARTUNG launched a special line of fuel-efficient wheels for truck trailers, trailers and semi-trailers. The weight of new wheels is in average 10 kg less than the mass of common counterparts which helps to improve vehicle steerability as well as to reach maximum running smoothness. Wheel design secures needed solidness for exploitation on Russian roads and at the same time their advantage is reduced dead weight.

Main advantages of the wheels:

  • Increase running smoothness;
  • Extend operation of suspension;
  • Secure additional safety of cargo;
  • Reduce rolling resistance thanks to lower unsprung weight;
  • Cut down cost-index of km - saving up to 3 l of fuel per each 100 km of run.

The internal tests in the laboratory and independent assessment of a new product have shown the following results (on the basis of cost 1 l of diesel - 48 RUR and average run per months - 15 000 km):

  • Fuel saving per 100 km - up to 3 litres.
  • Profit with fuel-efficient wheels per year – up to 260 000 RUR.